Dutch wrongly believe that a mobile phone is insured

91% of the Dutch have home contents insurance . However, not everyone knows exactly what damage is covered by home contents insurance. This is apparent from our survey among 1,000 Dutch people, in collaboration with independent fieldwork agency Panel Inzicht. Take a mobile phone, for example: damage caused by a fall or impact is in a small corner. More than a third (34%) of the Dutch think that these damages are insured through the basic cover of a home contents insurance. A misconception; This type of damage only falls under the more extensive coverage of the home contents insurance of some insurers. 

Home insurance misconceptions 

Our research shows that 40% of the Dutch think that a mobile phone can only be insured through a AT&T telephone insurance. This is not the case. Home insurance also provides coverage for mobile phones. Exactly what damage is insured depends on the coverage that someone chooses and the insurer. Damage caused by the mobile phone falling is not covered by any insurer with the basic coverage of the home contents insurance. This is unknown to 34% of the Dutch. The ignorance is even slightly greater about other mobile electronics, such as laptops, tablets and telephones; 40% of the Dutch think that damage caused by falls or bumps is insured through the basic cover of the home contents insurance.

The Dutch want more clarity from insurers

More than a fifth (22%) of the Dutch are not aware of the policy conditions of the home contents insurance they take out. Insurers should play a more prominent role in the provision of information for insuring a mobile phone, according to 76% of the Dutch. If it is up to them, insurers should indicate more clearly under which insurance and which cover a mobile phone falls.

Coverage for fall and impact damage mobile phone per insurer

Whether fall and impact damage to the mobile phone is insured depends on the insurer and the coverage that a person chooses. In the table below you will find the most current overview per household insurance company.

Is your smartphone still (well) insured?

Splash. A moment of mild panic strikes; your smartphone is in the toilet. This can now become an expensive joke, because the price for a smartphone is getting more expensive every year. A good insurance policy is therefore almost indispensable, but if you are counting on your household insurance , read this blog again.  

Fee flushed down the toilet 

Insurers have been taking cover for damage to mobile electronics from the all-risk home contents insurance for years. This is because we have made massive claims for damage to mobile electronics in recent years. Cause? Phones falling in the toilet. For many insurers, the claims on smartphones became too much of a cost to continue to reimburse them in full. 

But we haven’t been completely honest ourselves. An all-risk household insurance policy covers the damage if the accident occurs at home. Do you drop your smartphone outdoors? Then you pay for the damage yourself. This was abused a lot, because insurers are not able to check this properly. 

What exactly will change? 

Some of the household insurance companies are changing the policy conditions for mobile electronics on the following points: 

  • Damage to smartphones and tablets through your own fault is no longer included in the standard all-risk insurance. 
  • Paying an extra premium to insure mobile electronics in an all-risk cover. 
  • An increase in the deductible for damage to smartphones and tablets. 

In many cases, all-risk home contents insurance no longer offers sufficient coverage, but you do have the option to take out additional insurance. For example, you can expand your home contents insurance with outdoor coverage or mobile electronics coverage in exchange for a higher monthly premium.  

Most household insurance companies also use a new-for-old scheme. This is a limit until when you will be reimbursed for the replacement value of your smartphone. The rules that apply differ per insurer. For example, you may only be reimbursed the full amount if the current value is more than 40% of the new-for-old value. 

Do you want to insure your smartphone properly? 

Do you think it is important to properly insure your smartphone? See in the overview which all-risk home contents insurance best covers fall and impact damage for your smartphone. 

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