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Hire residential painters in Perth on an economical budget

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Navigating the house painting process can be a daunting task for someone who is doing it for the first time. Once a job is done, reversing it would be quite difficult. You can get assistance of residential painters in Perth even when you have low-budget.

We are here to share our carefully constructed tips that you should know before hiring residential painting contractors. You can acquire services from residential painters in Perth on a shoe-string budget too. 

What you should ask before residential painting?

We know how much anticipation you have about your exciting house renovation. But don’t let the excitement get to your head. Before the job, you should ask some relevant questions to ensure that the job is within your budget. 

Is the company registered and licensed?

The reliability of a company depends on its registration. It must be registered with the Building Services Board. This protects you in case of any issues that occur during the painting process. Registered companies have professional painters in Perth that are trained to do all types of paintings.

Residential painting contractors should also be licensed. This lets you know if you are in safe hands or not. Make sure that they are licensed to avoid any future inconveniences.

Check out their references and previous work

Every good company will have a catalogue of the works that they offer. When you ask for painting suggestions, you will get an idea of the kind of services that the company provides and if it is what you need.

You can go a step further and talk to the previous clients. Ask them if the house painters in Perth they hired managed to complete work on time, their professionalism and quality of work.  You can ask for references doing this will help you choose the company and have no regrets. Ask residential painters Perth to help you get the best painting job.

Does the company have insurance?

You should know that residential painting involves potential risks to your property. With insurance, companies compensate for any serious damage to your property. Choose insured companies to have an essential safety net before the job begins

Warranties are also included in this. Each company has a different policy and it varies from 3-to 5 years, depending on the company. Check all the residential painters in Perth to get prompt assistance.

What kind of materials do house painters in Perth use?

You want your paint to last longer and show durability in all weather conditions. It is important to ensure that the company you hire knows which supplies to use.

If you go for low-quality paints, you will have to repaint, adding more expenses in the long run. Also, ask about finish types- these will be different for different rooms. The painters will know which finishing is best for a kitchen versus the bedroom.

Ask them to give you cost estimates

With cost estimates specific to your house dimensions, you will choose the right materials that fit your budget and quality requirements.  Ask for an estimate from different residential painters in Perth and compare the overall costs.

These are the estimates you should ask for:

  •         Prep costs
  •         How much paint and primer will you use
  •         Any additional supplies cost

It is better to let the painters inspect your house and make an estimate after seeing its size and design.

Quotes from multiple companies

Getting quotes from multiple painting contractors will enable you to compare prices and the overall costs. You will get an idea about their service and choose the suitable option for you. Quotes will show you the right option for your budget and the house.

Use referrals for full guidance

Referrals to residential painting companies from friends, neighbours and acquaintances make choosing the best companies easier. You won’t have to spend so much time on company research.

Information online is not reliable, unlike the valuable opinion of your own people.

It is a good idea to ask about the service quality and costs from your referrals. Especially if their house is similar to yours. Online reviews can also help a lot if you don’t have personal referrals. Choose reviews that are detailed and authentic.


When you look for economical residential painters in Perth, planning out the budget beforehand and asking the right questions is necessary. This helps you avoid future trouble. Follow these tips and you will know which painting companies to hire.

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