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Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons: Read the Full Detail!

It’s always fun to solve puzzles. They’re ideal for providing your brain with a mental boost. Riddles have been around for decades, and some have become quite popular in recent years. This is an example of a riddle:

“Someone’s mother has four boys, numbered One, Two, and Three.” “What is the fourth son’s name?”

‘Someone’ is the right solution to this puzzle, ‘Someone’s mother has four sons’, according to the riddle. If the three sons’ names are One, Two, and Three, the fourth son must be someone. This puzzle tests your ability to think beyond the box, move your thoughts beyond logic, and read sentences accurately.

About the Puzzle

This little and simple-looking puzzle really tests your brain’s ability to comprehend and interpret information. Human minds have a propensity to follow reasoning without properly understanding sentences. Riddles were once found in books, newspapers, and periodicals and were occasionally told to us by our elders. These mental games have existed since the dawn of humanity. 

Riddles may now be found in the digital realm as well. Hundreds of similar puzzles may be found in a variety of applications. They’re entertaining to read and solve. Furthermore, individuals with mental illnesses use them as a form of therapy. This is because solving riddles has the same effect on the brain as solving puzzles.

Riddles may also be found on social media in addition to apps. Moreover, riddles like this may be found on WhatsApp and Facebook. New puzzles are created on a regular basis and are entertaining to solve. However, the majority of the puzzles are well-known and have been around for a long time. Riddles are brief, lyrical, or intriguing questions with solutions hidden within the questions themselves. Extracting the answer from the question is the only way to solve a riddle.

About the Riddle: Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons

someone's mother has four sons north south and east


Someone’s mother has four sons: north, south, and east,” says one common puzzle. “What is the fourth son’s name? “Perhaps you’ve heard of this puzzle. It comes in a variety of forms, the most common of which being name changes. The three boys’ names are One, Two, and Three in this case. In some circumstances, you could come across a puzzle with the boys’ names as One, Two, and Three. 

“Someone’s mother has four daughters, April, May, and June,” says one version of the puzzle. “What is the fourth daughter’s name?” In every case, the solution is the same. You might be wondering how you might find out the name of a child from an unknown household. The question itself contains the clue. Read the question attentively and attempt to answer it. Before scrolling down to see the solution, we urge that you try to solve the puzzle.


Don’t worry if you can’t figure out the solution to the question. Riddles are supposed to be challenging, and there’s no shame in admitting loss when it comes to riddles! Still haven’t figured it out? The explanation is farther down the page.


The riddle claims, “Someone’s mother has four sons: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. What is the fourth son’s name?” We must pay special attention to the wording in order to decipher the true twist.

Every time, the human brain wants to be reasonable. As a result, the first thought that springs to mind when we see the line is West. Why? Because the number four is the most similar to the numbers one, two, and three.

However, the answer is obviously not straightforward because this is a riddle. We can see that it says “Someone’s mum” if we look closely. While someone can be a pronoun or a name, it can also be a pronoun or a name. Remember that a riddle is not the same as reality; if you find yourself thinking about it, stop.

Other Ways to Solve This Puzzle

This puzzle may be altered by just changing the names of the boys. On the other hand, the names should be such that the reader becomes perplexed and thinks of something else. Using day or month names, for example, can be effective. You may also use numbers. This riddle may be used in a broad range of situations. You may even make the mystery easier by providing them the answer right away. If you’re asking a child to solve the following question, this may work:

“Katie, Charlie, and Angie are Crystal’s father’s four daughters.””. “What is the fourth daughter’s name?”

The three daughters’ names should sound similar, but the fourth daughter’s name should be distinct.


Someone’s mother has four sons: north, south, and east,” What do you think would be the name of the fourth son?

Riddles are usually entertaining to solve and maybe a good way for individuals to spend their leisure time. Even if you believe the solutions are amusing, solving riddles is excellent for your brain. Today, there are a plethora of puzzles to choose from, some of which are rather entertaining.

For example, ‘Someone’s mother had four boys’ is a frequent phrase nowadays that is best spoken rather than written. It indicates if the listener is paying to listen, remembering details, and considering a topic before responding. Riddles are designed to be answered incorrectly so that you may laugh and enjoy yourself for a few minutes.

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