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Streets of Rage 4 – Blaze Fielding

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Blaze is a playable character in every season of SoR, and his attire style is nearly same in each season, with a few minor differences. A crimson top, stockings, and gold bangles replace the jacket and gloves in SoR 2.  She wears a crimson headdress, a red skirted jacket, and black fingerless gloves in SoR.

She wears a crimson headdress, a red skirted jacket, and black fingerless gloves in SoR. Her gloves and long red boots return in SoR 3. The Streets of Rage 4 wears a single uniform that includes golden hoops, a black leather jacket, a red tank top, black gloves, a red skirt with a black belt, and red boots.

Blaze is a tough fighter who will not tolerate perverts and will ruthlessly beat them up with her fists. Blaze is described as a “female brawler” because she is hell-bent on bringing Syndicate to justice, even if it means putting her own life in peril.   Blaze is an unabashedly proud individual who does not readily concede defeat. This is the complete chracter description for players from Gamingnix team.

Blaze Fielding  Gameplay

Blaze is a specialist in judo. Her petite yet powerful physique allows her to use her quickness to unleash lethal leap strikes, tremendous smashes, and punches.

Blitz Attack:

  • Blaze’s Blitz move transforms her into an all-arounder with the game’s most powerful throw attacks.
  • Tekken: A technique in which she concentrates her energy in her fist and repeatedly hits the opponent.
  • Hishousouzan: Blaze jumps into the air, unleashing a blade-like energy assault.
  • Chou Reppa Dan is a technique in which she rolls on the ground and then attacks with a leaping kick.
  • An elbow strike is a fast sprint with the elbow that knocks out the opponent.

 Defence Attack:

Energy Burst, and Uraken unchi are only a few of the blaze’s Defensive Special Attacks (forward and backward punches with her energised fists).  Embukyaku (cartwheel to knock the adversary down), Spinning Dive (includes a leap followed by a Hishousouzan),Her defensive strategies make her nearly invincible.

Offence Attack: 

Her Shin Hishousouzan and Tobi Kyaku are two of her most well-executed techniques. Blaze can project a powerful short range of energy that becomes stronger with each hit, execute an aerial variant of Embukyaku, and use an energy blade to perform an uppercut attack. The majority of her offensive special assaults are season-specific. Blaze’s air assaults are particularly impressive.

Star Movements: If done correctly and on time, star moves can earn you additional points. Blaze’s signature techniques include Tumbling, Ring of Fire, Slice and dice, Tamashi age, Shin Kikou Shou, and Razor Sliding. Back-to-back kicks or punch, or a combination of both, make up these movements. Blaze’s combinations are the most difficult to pull off.

Blaze’s combat style is a blend of judo and heavy gymnastics, with high-jump assaults thrown in for good measure. Blaze’s strong kicks, knee strikes, uppercuts, and punches do a fair amount of damage. She attacks her foe with Blue energy as well as chops.

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The flame first appeared in SoR in 1991, when she (together with Axel Stone and Adam Hunter) quit their jobs as cops to go down Mr. X. (leader of a mob called Syndicate).
Blaze and Axel have returned to their previous employment in Bare Knuckles III to work on two interconnected leading cases that might lead to a war between the Lima nations.
When Blaze learns that Adam has been taken, she works as a dance teacher in SoR 2. She joins forces with Skate, Max Thunder, and Axel Stone to find the Syndicate’s hidden headquarters and fight Mr. X in order to save Adam.
Blaze plays a private investigator in SoR3.


Blaze was presented as a stereotyped female character in the original SoR. (weaker than her male counterparts). However, in subsequent seasons, this altered. Her stats have improved as a result of her new moves, which are both efficient and distinctive.

As a result, she is equally as powerful as everyone else in the game.