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Whether you are a student or a professional content writer, we always welcome those who have the capabilities to jot down their thoughts in a presentable manner for the whole world to benefit from it. With essential writing skills, amazing ideas, & the ability to write on current trends, you may be successful in successfully submitting a guest post to feature on our website.

We have mentioned our purpose on the about us page. We aim to provide high-quality & well-researched informational blogs to our readers & simultaneously promote all worthy writers.  

Topics We Feature

As an informational blog, we feature articles in many diverse fields & categories. We have mentioned these categories below. It is essential to write your guest posts only on the below niches. Irrelevant & adult content will be disqualified straight away.

  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Entertainment
  • Home Improvement
  • Automotive

Guidelines & Essentials for Write For Us Guest Post

To score a higher probability of our post getting selected for a featuring on our blog, make sure to take into consideration, certain guidelines & essentials.


  • Whenever writing an article, try including interesting facts & figures at the beginning to capture the readers’ attention. To successfully keep the reader engaged, make sure to write sentences with an adequate length that make use of engaging phrases & words.
  • Be sure to avoid any grammatical & punctuation errors in your articles. Get your articles thoroughly edited & proofread before submitting them on our website.
  • Try to use informational links from trusted sources such as Forbes Magazine to give the reader a much more authentic view of the topic. 
  • Keep your content straightforward & to the point to convey the main ideas of the article. Don’t beat around the bush in an attempt to increase the length of your article.
  • Make your article presentable & readable for users. Use strategies such as breaking down the sentences into smaller parts, distributing important facts into paragraphs & sections, etc.


  • Word length for an article should not lie below 750 words words.
  • Your content should be plagiarism-free with a unique formulation of ideas.
  • Blogposts on niches related to adult sites & gambling will be considered illegal.
  • Your articles should be on any of the above niches.
  • You are required to attach a Google Docs file via email while sending your guest posts.
  • Email us your articles on the below provided contact information.
  • You are advised to be patient while the selection of guest posts is in process. Due to the increased number of guest articles, the publishing process may take 2 to 3 weeks.
  • To get your article removed from our website, email us at the below email ID. An editorial fee will be charged for any such removal of the already published content.

Most Used Search Terms to Include While Applying

Use the below search terms when approaching us with your guest posts. Lack of adequate keywords will result in your article never getting found out & published.

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Contact Us

You may send us your guest posts with any of the above search terms directly on [email protected]. For any queries & questions, feel free to contact Night Innovations on the same email.