Play School in Noida

Maria James

5 Factors to Look For While Selecting a Play School in Noida

Finalizing a playschool in Noida for your kid can be overwhelming, and daunting. Further, what all to look for complicates the situation. But, what if we tell you, you can choose the right playschool in Noida just by keeping in mind 5 factors.? Here are those essential 5 factors to consider-

School fees

One of the foremost factors to consider while shortlisting the play school in Noida is the fee structure. As no one wants to select a school that drills a hole in the pocket, it is paramount to comprehend the whole fee structure along with a detailed list of inclusions, and exclusions. This would help you map it with your budget, and give you an exact picture; of which school would be wise or not.

Further, it is not enough to consider the school fee structure. To make things better comprehensible, consider the general school fees in Noida. Compare, contrast, and map the fee structure of different schools to get a clearer picture of fee structure. And, always shortlist schools that fit best in your budget as well as on-set school fees in Noida standards.

Faculty, and curriculum

No matter how much you deny this fact when it comes to playing school in Noida, the faculty and curriculum make a huge difference. The way the schools will deliver education, and guide your kid in the initial years of education, will set foundations for later coming academic years of life.

So, it is advised that before reaching a final decision, understand what will be the curriculum of education and faculty support. If possible, meet the faculty, and understand their expertise, and ways of interacting with students. This would help you get a picture of what all to expect from playschool in Noida.


Location plays a major role in making a final decision on play school in Noida. As the playschool students are not at an age of commuting independently, this becomes a concern for parents. Further, if both parents are working, and are indulged in-office schedules, it becomes a hassle for them to pick up and drop off their kids. That’s When a location becomes a priority for many parents. Therefore, it is advised to finalize the schools near to your locality.


School’s reputation says a lot about its education’s quality, values, and even support for students. So, get honest feedback about play school in Noida. One can get this from public forums, school forums, parents groups, alumni students, parents, and students of other active classes of the school. This would indeed surface insights about school that were otherwise difficult to explore and come across.


It is believed that during school time, students should get the right resources and amenities. All of this is considered important for imbibing students with motor skills, and communication skills, and increasing their physical, emotional, and mental balance.

Therefore, before reaching a final decision, go through the amenities provided by the playschool in Noida carefully. If possible, visit the school campus, and witness the facilities, amenities, and resources.

Consider all these factors, and ensure you choose the right playschool in Noida for your kid. But, one of the most suggested schools is GIIS or Global Indian International School. It is one of the best with the best faculty support, a stable reputation, and pronounced academic results.

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