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5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Bedroom Walls

Giving love to your bedroom decor is a form of self-love, because, unlike the other rooms, what goes in the bedroom is personal to you. It is not a place you’re decorating to fish for compliments from guests but for yourself to feel happy in.

Therefore, while decorating your bedroom walls, remember that whatever you decide, it should be a reflection of who you are, something with a story – your story. From incorporating your favourite colours, or a wallpaper that appeals to you to custom shelving for displaying your collections, ideas are uncountable. Let’s go over the top 5 such bedroom wall decor ideas!

Gallery Wall

The simplest yet warmest way to spruce up your wall is by turning it into a gallery of your pictures – family, travels, friends, moments, and memories in snapshots that make you smile. Remember, this is your opportunity to curate a visual narrative that reflects your personality, experiences, and the people who have shaped your journey.

Picture frames, in various sizes and styles, serve as elegant vessels to display snapshots frozen in time. You can mix and match frames for an eclectic look or opt for uniformity for a more polished aesthetic. For a touch of whimsy, consider printing your photos in Polaroid format. The nostalgic appeal of these instant prints adds a vintage charm to your gallery wall. Hang them in strings adorned with soft LED lights, casting a warm glow reminiscent of cherished memories.

The beauty of a gallery wall lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its ability to evoke emotions and spark conversations. It’s a testament to the richness of your life experiences and the bonds you share with loved ones. So, take your time, be intentional in your selection, and let your gallery wall tell the story of who you are and what matters most to you.

Drapery Beyond Windows

If you are known for your creative flair and out-of-the-box thinking, this idea is going to appeal to you. Use made-to-measure curtains on the wall behind your bed. The soft ripples and pleats will not only add warmth to your bedroom but also create a unique visual effect.

Using custom curtains to create a feature wall gives you the opportunity to bring in your favourite colour and pattern in moderation. No matter how bright or how bold, this is your opportunity to give your indulgent choices a chance. To tie it in with the rest of the decor, you can also match it with your bedroom window treatments and upholstered furniture.

Embrace the opportunity to break away from the same old boring ideas and explore the endless possibilities that made-to-measure, custom curtains offer. Give free rein to your creativity and imagination as you transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat that speaks volumes about your distinctive flair and refined sensibilities.

Bring in the Artwork

A room is often incomplete without a touch of art. Whether your style leans towards classic masterpieces, contemporary abstracts, or eclectic finds, bringing artwork into your bedroom is always a good idea.

A single statement piece can serve as a focal point, drawing the eye and anchoring the room’s design. Alternatively, grouping together multiple pieces to form a cohesive and dynamic display.

Ultimately, bringing artwork into a room is about more than just filling empty walls – it’s about infusing your space with meaning, personality, and beauty. So don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine and curate a piece that truly reflects who you are and what you love.

Wallpaper and Wall Murals

From simple mandala designs to realistic murals like forests, waves, or candid cityscapes that add depth to your space to print wallpapers with abstract geometrics or intricate florals, the possibilities are endless with wallpapers and wall murals.

Whether you’re looking to create a focal point, add depth and dimension, or simply express your personal style, there’s a wallpaper or mural that’s perfect for you. Select your wallpaper/ mural based on the mood you’re trying to set and your existing decor style. Let’s explain with a few examples.

In a beach villa with coastal decor, you can choose wallpapers with nautical motifs like anchors, miniature surfboards and waves, or full-scale beach/ wave murals to bring the outdoors in. Again, in a bohemian room, nothing comes close to mandala designs inspired by ancient spiritual symbols. Again in country decor, toile prints and floral chinoiserie would be perfect.

Make the most of this design opportunity and match your wallpaper with the soft furnishings in your room. For example, floral wallpaper can be matched with custom floral curtains or an upholstered armchair.

Add Mirrors to the Mix

Bedroom mirrors are not just functional additions but also have Feng Shui benefits. You may add one large mirror or multiple mirrors based on your preference.

Strategically placing mirrors also makes your room look brighter and larger. Here are some ideas for placing mirrors on bedroom walls:

  • Above the Headboard: Mount a large mirror above your headboard to create a focal point in the room. This not only adds visual interest but also makes the room feel larger by reflecting light and space.
  • Opposite a Window: Position a mirror opposite a window to maximize natural light and enhance the feeling of openness in the room. This can help brighten up the space and make it feel more airy and spacious.
  • On a Gallery Wall: Incorporate mirrors into a gallery wall arrangement for a stylish and eclectic look. Mix and match mirrors with artwork and other decorative elements to create a personalized display that reflects your style and personality.


With that, we are at the end of this blog and hope that we’re leaving you with enough ideas and inspiration to get started on your bedroom wall decoration project. Just remember that this space is yours to curate and customize according to your preferences and tastes.