Hollywood Classic Movies

Maria James

6 Hollywood Classic Movies for Sci-Fi Genre Fans

Hollywood Classic Movies

If you want to see what human imagination can create, you have to watch sci-fi movies. The makers have a license to think above and beyond conventional topics. The writer experiments with new worlds, Inner Space, Outer Space, Artificial Intelligence, time travels, etc. 

To make you cherish the true magic of this genre, Here’s a list of the top 6 Hollywood classic sci-fi movies for you:

  • Inception (2010)

Coming from a mastermind like Christopher Nolan, Inception depicts an intuitive, multi-layered, and complex dream world where the main lead is a thief stealing the most secretive corporate information by infiltrating his target’s subconscious mind.

The film gives an interesting perspective between dreams and the real world. Nolan has created what we can call “A Dream Space” where people share their dreams.  The film was called the best film of 2010 by many esteemed critics.

  • Arrival (2016)

Extraterrestrial creatures have always been a favorite topic in sci-fi movies. However, only a handful of movies can do justice with characterization, cinematography, and different thought process of an alien creature.

“Arrival” is one of the all-time classics in this read. The movie revolves around a linguistic expert who is trying to figure out how to communicate with aliens who have landed on Earth.

During this journey, this movie presents an interesting take on time, humanity, language, and emotionality. This movie is available on almost all the online streaming services such as moviesda and other free platforms.

  • The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is considered the most influential sci-fi movie of all time. It explored a topic that nobody had ever seen.

The movie shows a virtual world that is formed when AI machines have captured humans in a matrix. The main lead Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is the chosen one who rescues humans from this matrix and breaks it. 

  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

This Tom Cruise starrer is one of the best American sci-fi movies of all time. The plot shows that Earth has been invaded by Aliens called “Mimics”

The world unites to combat against them. During a battle Cage, the main lead dies in an explosion where he is covered in an alien’s blood.

After death, he wakes up in a time loop that repeatedly throws him back to the same war in which he was murdered. The Cage ultimately breaks it after tons of hardships.

  • Interstellar (2014)

You don’t produce two all-time classic sci-fi movies unless you are Christopher Nolan. After four years of Inception (2010), the director came back with yet another masterpiece.

The movie is based on a group that is on a mission of space exploration to find a new home for the human race. The Earth becomes inhabitable due to sandstorms and crop blight. Cooper, a retired NASA pilot, and engineer do investigations of these storms which leads to a stunning revelation.

He comes to know that there are warm holes near Saturn which lead to a potentially habitable world in a distant galaxy. The plot is complex and mindboggling, forcing a viewer to binge-watch it to understand the place where Nolan is taking you.

  • Blade Runner (1982)

This legendary novel-based movie has Harrison Ford as the main lead. Starring Richard Deckard, he is a blade runner who is on a mission to hunt androids called “replicants”.  

The story is gripping, and the direction is top-notch, which is why to this day, The film enjoys the status of a cult classic in sci-fi genres. You can also play the blade runner game by downloading it from fitgirl repack and other gaming websites.

Final Take:

This ends our list of the top 6 sci-fi movies. Once you watch it, we hope you would realize how imaginatively beautiful and astonishing a human mind can be.  Just play these movies and be amazed!!!