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How to help students get comfortable using UPDF

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There are a lot of PDF editors available in the market. But all of them share many common problems. Some work just online, while others offer tools with premium access. Here, UPDF comes into play with a free premium PDF editor. UPDF allows you to work with various features like view, arrange, organize, and add notes to the document.

Make UPDF Easier For Your Students

UPDF incorporates exciting qualities and features. It is designed in such a way that makes it very easy to use.

The product allows you to add and modify any text and change fonts. UPDF also allows you to add or replaHow to help students get comfortable using UPDFce images.

UPDF offers multi-language support, English, French German Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and traditional Chinese, Korean Japanese and Chinese simplified to simplify it.

You can also share your documents with your colleagues and friends.

Toolbar navigation

Upon entering the world of UPDF, you will encounter a user-friendly interface.

There are many options available to make things easy.

At the top, you will find the mark of edit and page option.

On the left side, there is a thumbnail and bookmark panel available. 

On the bottom left, there are display and inspector tools. At the top right, there is an annotation option available for adding notes.

Pdf File
Protecting Your Pdf File

You can also fix a password to your important file so that you can only open it and hence protect your data from any unauthorized entry.

Page break
Page break

Viewing modes

UPDF offers multiple options to view the page according to your needs. Choices include single, two-page view, scrolling and two pages scrolling.


Multiple PDF

UPDF presents you the opportunity to view multiple PDFs simultaneously. Every time you are about to open a new PDF, it will be available in a new tab like tabs in a web page browser.

Crushing pdf

Cruising through PDF

To make it easy to use, there are many options.

  • Zoom in and zoom out.
  • Display page number.
  • Allow jumping to the first and last page and also to a specific page.


Text edit


There are times when some pages appear to be more important than the others, and you might want to leave some signs on them. For that purpose, there is an option named bookmark waiting to be clicked on the top left corner.

Edit text

Edit text

To increase the productivity and smoothness of the product, there are many editing options available.

To jump into editing mode, you have to double click on the text so that you can change the staff according to your need. The user will encounter purple box editing mode.

You can also change font style and size in addition to adding or removing text and fixing it as a part of a document.

Add text

Add text

You can enjoy this feature in two ways.

  • Adding text as a part of a document 
  • Adding text as a comment.

As a part of document

At the top of interface, there is a add text option available. 


Add text as a comment

The user can add the data as a comment. For that purpose, hit the markup button at the top of the nterface. And touch the screen where you want to enter the comment box. Different font styles and colors are also available.


With the advent of smartphones combined with the recent rise in online classes all around the world. The need for tools to make study easier just increased at a crucial stage. 

Here UPDF just arrived at the right place at the right time to play its part. Although there are a lot of PDF managers available. But most of them work just online, while others are paid premium \tools.

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