How to keep your sneakers clean

Alex Hales

How to keep your sneakers clean and spotless?

How to keep your sneakers clean, sneakers clean and spotless

Are your sneakers looking a little dirty to wear? It’s not always easy to keep them clean and spotless, but with the right cleaning products and techniques, it doesn’t have to be. Sneakers like Jordan Mid require frequent cleaning, so they look brand new, so a commitment is necessary. Below are a few tips for keeping your sneakers looking great:

Remove the laces.

To remove the laces, gently pull them out of the eyelets.

You can use a scrubber to scrub away dirt and grime from your sneakers using cold water and mild dish soap if necessary. Use a dry towel to wipe down each sneaker after you’ve scrubbed it clean, then set it aside for about 20 minutes before moving on.

Use a toothbrush to clean off dirt and grime.

You can use a toothbrush to clean off dirt and grime. Soft bristles are best for delicate areas, such as the soles of your sneakers, where the bristles won’t scratch the material. Harder bristles work well for unpainted leather or suede areas, while medium-bristled brushes effectively remove soil from smooth leather.

Make sure you don’t use a brush that’s too abrasive on any material; if you do, you risk scratching and damaging it. Furthermore, Nike does not recommend putting their sneakers like Jordan Mid or Airmax into the washing machine as it might damage them.

Use a towel to dry them. If you have time and are not in a rush, it’s best to let your sneakers air-dry fully before placing them back in their box. To speed up the process, use a hair dryer on low settings or other heat sources that won’t damage the shoe material.

Use an eraser to remove scuffs.

Use an eraser to remove scuffs.

If you have any scuffs on your shoes, use a pencil eraser to remove them. Make sure that the eraser is soft and clean. You want to avoid using an eraser on the shoe’s sole, as it could damage it. Also, be cautious when using this method because too much pressure can also cause damage.

Get rid of stains with household cleaning products.

To get rid of stains, you can use a safe cleaning product for sneakers. You want to ensure your chosen product won’t harm the material or stitching in your shoes.

You also want to consider using a safe product for your skin, so you don’t get any rashes from its chemicals.

It would be best if you also considered what products are suitable for the environment when cleaning your sneakers. 

Finally, when choosing a cleaning product, ensure it’s compatible with whatever type of stain you try to remove from your sneakers (e.g., grease).

Use a sneaker deodoriser when you’re done cleaning.

Once you have finished cleaning your sneakers, it is vital to use a sneaker deodoriser to make them smell fresh. The best way to ensure that your sneakers stay clean and odourless is by treating them with an effective sneaker spray. Sneaker sprays are available at most shoe stores and sporting goods retailers in various scents (such as cedar wood or vanilla) that will help keep your shoes smelling great for years to come.

Cleaning sneakers doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple steps, you can keep your sneakers looking new for years.

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