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Maria James

Learn How to Prevent Annoying Error Codes

Ah! Windows BSOD error screen, we’ve all been there, error codes like 0x0 0x0 are fairly common nowadays as the Windows series of operating systems are the most popular OSs on the market. 

These error codes can be caused by various reasons and can stem from other well-known errors. Although these can look daunting to the average joe, these can be fairly easy to solve on your own. 

These errors can easily be dealt with by following some easy steps and best practices. 

Before we get to solving it, first create a system restore point for your OS. 

Which will help you get to a certain point if something was to go wrong. You can revert back to your restore point at any given time.

These are the following best practices to follow

Keeping out the trash

As you continue to accumulate more and more software and programs on your computer, there will eventually come a time when certain programs will turn into a hassle due to no updates, malware injection, etc. It is best practice to get rid of software and programs that you’re not using. 

Keeping your software up to date

As we know outdated software and programs can cause a lot of headaches for Windows users. It is a best practice to identify the updated software and gradually update them to a smoother OS experience. 

Malicious programs

Another root cause of BSOD error codes is malware and virus-infected programs. And these are running rampant nowadays. But have no fear, these are very easy to be dealt with by keeping your operating system updated and using a trustworthy antivirus program.

Keeping drivers up to date

Drivers are a collection of programs that make it possible for hardware and software to interact effectively. These Driver programs must be kept up to date in order for your operating system to function properly.

According to some experts, following these best practices will help you keep your computer in better health.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Windows operating system isn’t the only important program that can get error infected. A trouble-prone program that well all needs and uses on a day-to-day basis, that is also quite error-prone, we’re talking about WordPress CMS

WordPress itself is an excellent platform with issues, the problem lies with WordPress users using poorly made WordPress themes and plugins with their WordPress CMS. 

Error Establishing a Database Connection & Connection Timed Out Error are two of the most well-known WordPress errors that are caused by poorly built WordPress themes. These types of errors can lead to many fatal errors and loss of data. 

In order to get rid of issues and worries such as these, it is advisable for every WordPress user to use a Premium WordPress Theme that is well built and designed to accommodate every type of workload.  

That is specifically built to withstand heavy continuous loads and is feature-rich to host a variety of WordPress-built websites.

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As previously said, the importance of WordPress as a CMS platform is present and expanding fast. To combat all of the challenges that you may encounter when using WordPress, a user should be aware and skilled in dealing with any and all issues that they may meet.

Another thing to think about while using WordPress to develop a website is:

  1. Choosing the proper WordPress hosting provider for your business
  2. Choosing the correct expertise to learn while using WordPress
  3. Choosing the ideal theme for your website.
  4. Educating yourself on how to handle WordPress mistakes
  5. Learning how to cope with Windows Blue Screen of Death problem codes, for example.

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