Now Schengen visa holders can perform Umrah

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Now Schengen visa holders can perform Umrah

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Schengen visa holders can perform Umrah

Saudi Arabian authorities have confirmed that Schengen visa holders can perform Umrah. All those who have a valid Schengen visa will be allowed to perform Umrah. They do not need to get any type of Saudi Visa before Schengen. Remember that this relaxation is only for Umrah, not for Hajj.

The order came just a week after Saudi authorities revived the visa-on-arrival scheme for Schengen visa holders. This means that anyone with a Schengen visa will now be able to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

After the announcement of the new update on Umrah, a large number of people from the Schengen area can get the Umrah packages. Before coming to this good news, they must first get a valid visa for their holy journey.

However, Saudi officials have insisted that travellers with Schengen visas must enter their respective issuing countries before entering Saudi Arabia. So that everyone can get their tourist visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia.

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Schengen Visa:

A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa. It allows a person to travel to any area of the Schengen area, valid for a stay of only 90 days for tourism or business purposes. And the Schengen visa is the most common in Europe.

Although the state has been enforcing facilitation laws since March. Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has already announced that everyone should comply with COVID-19-related SOPs to enter the country. Everyone who comes to Saudi for Umrah is need to implement a wearing face mask during Umrah.

Besides the Schengen Visa holders, the Ministry has announced the same facilitation laws for those who have valid UK or USA visas. It means US or UK, and Schengen visa holders will be able to get the visa on arrival program.

Note: Now entering the Kingdom is easy as compared to the old days for UK residents. A visa means a permit in simple words.

How to get a permit for Umrah?

Whether a person travels from UK or US, he needs to follow other rules that apply to all. Getting the permission of your Umrah by Etmarana app is a needy step to ensure your Umrah as be done. Saudi Authority emphasised that your Umrah permit will be cancelled if you don’t enter the Kingdom within 6 hours of booking an appointment by mobile app.

And this permit can be automatically cancelled if your COVID test is positive or you have been in contact with an infected person.

The Saudi Government launched Etmarana mobile app along with the two more mobile apps to travel in Saudi Arabia for Umrah or other purposes. Its main purpose is to obtain a permit for Umrah and to pray in both holy mosques (Mecca and Medina) for locals and foreigners.

Can we still need Umrah Package?

Yes, we still need the Umrah package. The Saudi government has made it easier for foreigners to obtain entry permits. But there are other aspects to completing our journey. Flights, accommodation and transport are the three basic requirements for any overseas trip.

That’s right, online portals of airports and many airlines are now available and various hotels, motels and restaurants are also online. Uber and Cream are two of the most important websites in the Middle East for booking your ride.

Then why do we need to book our Umrah package from any travel agency? The reason is experience. In fact, the package means getting more in one place. Those travel agencies know exactly what is best. Our lives are becoming more comfortable with the advent of modern technology. But online technology falls into the virtual category, so sometimes “everything that shines is not gold”.

Contact a reputable travel agency to save your money and time. Because an agency can help make your trip cheaper and safer.