Cycle Computer

Maria James

Why A Cycle Computer Is the Best Investment For Your Daily Cycling Activity

Being one of the healthiest recreational exercises that Australians can do without much effort or investment, cycling has changed itself from the typical mode of transportation for early Aussies to a healthy recreational exercise. To make this sport even more worthy of your time, cyclists can buy a cycle computer in Australia and get rid of those personal smartphones and other electronic gizmos that waste their time.

Aside from being good for the environment, cycling is still a viable means of transportation for 3.43 million Aussies, and a cycle computer can be a wonderful addition to the daily journey. Take a look at some of the best benefits of cycles computers listed below:

Why Bother With A Smartphone At All?

A lot of cyclists voice their concerns over using expensive smartphones during their daily cycling routes. First of all, smartphones are pretty expensive. In the occurrence of an accident or a slip, once the device hits the hard ground or asphalt, the screen will crack, and the inner circuits will get shambled due to the impact.

Additionally, they won’t last as long, considering the battery capacity of most smartphones. Either that or they’ll get drained pretty quickly. The cycle computer in Australia is only cheaper than the best smartphones, but they’re also durable enough to knock off hard impacts. After all, they were built for that specific purpose. Moreover, the reliable battery capacity ensures that these bike computers will stay active for the whole journey, with users reporting battery replacements after months or even a year of usage.


Dust and water are no issue for the cycle computers as they’re built to withstand the extremes. This makes them a capable device that can be used while cycling through the rains or during the scorching heat. They can remain sturdy and strong in the toughest of trails and dirt tracks. Even after multiple falls, the screens and the material will remain undamaged and still working.


Many cyclists love to know the statistics and overall progression of their effort, how far they rode, how much time they covered, and their speed, among other things. Even the low-end bike computers will display more than that, eliminating the need to hook up a smartphone. Even those having the fanciest of features like GPS are readily available at a lower price range than a good smartphone that is sold in Australia. Not to mention the degree of accuracy with which these devices record information like location, speed, and distance.

For those deciding whether to buy a smartphone or a bike computer, a bike computer might be better for cyclists who take this activity seriously. Considering the plethora of functions smartphone has, it won’t be the best option since smartphones are more prone to damage and offer the same display functionalities at a higher cost.

Australians who are tight on their budget can use their smartphones to track their performance by downloading various cycling apps. However, don’t expect the information to be accurate. One can always get a reliable bike computer for cheap.

Don’t allow the absence to be detrimental to the whole cycling journey. Amateur cyclists just starting with this hobby don’t need a fancy cycle computer to track their progress. Instead, work on it and make cycling a daily routine. Once the proper routes are set, and a training plan is implemented, go for a quality cycle computer to track the progress and measure the headway in a few weeks.