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How do Top CBSE Schools in Pune Ensure The Emotional

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How Do Top CBSE Schools in Pune Ensure the Emotional Well-being of Children and How Parents Can Do the Same?

Every Parent wants their child to be emotionally healthy so that they grow into healthy adults and become successful in all aspects of life; personal, professional and in relationships.

Why is there a need to take care of the emotional health of our children?

It is essential to take care of the emotional health of children as they have to face many pressures such as academic performance, exam stress, peer pressure, family pressure and social media, etc., which result in emotional struggles and problems that they find harder to deal with.

If it is not given enough attention at the right time it can lead to emotional difficulties in future. So as parents we need to nurture children from childhood and give them the right environment through Best Pune School Admission so that they become emotionally healthy adults.

Emotional health refers to a person’s ability to cope with situations, who are aware of their feelings and are able to process in a healthy way.

Benefits of Emotional Health on Children

  • Better Academic Performance
  • Avoids Bad Behavior
  • Confident
  • Shows Empathy
  • Develops Positive Habits

How can we support Emotional development in children?

Here are some ideas to promote the emotional health of your child

Listen to them

Children are like adults who need someone to listen to, and being parents we can be their safest place and person they trust. So whenever they come to you make sure you give them full attention. Listen to them calmly and do not overreact. Make them feel and give them assurance that they can open up to them freely and they do not have to fear or think twice whether to say things or not. Listening to children is an essential step in promoting emotional health.

Teachers of  Top CBSE Schools in Pune connect with students by having a one-to-one conversation. They listen to students’ concerns and understand them, showing them empathy.

Keep Check on them

Most of the time our children are emotionally and physically bullied, so make sure you notice their behaviour and know the reason if they are upset or sad. Enquire about them frequently if they are ok or if someone is bothering them. Take them into confidence so that they can speak to you. Give them advice that if they are being bullied then it should not be accepted and also give them tips about things they should do and boost their confidence.

Once your child’s Pune School Admission is done. You will never have to worry about their emotional health as teachers often keep track of students and their behaviours, moods and learning. They provide opportunities to take breaks, move freely and re-connect with other friends.

Techniques and Healthy Habits

Teach some self-soothing techniques, like writing down, talking with people they trust, meditation, breathing exercises, going out for a walk. Regular exercise, positive self-talk, affirmations, and proper sleep is the best way to promote emotional health. You can enrol your child to their favourite hobby classes where they can learn more and keep themselves occupied.

Teachers of Top CBSE Schools in Pune are the role model for students as they convey calm, honest, and caring behaviours which children learn from them and adopt the skills to deal with situations.

Take the help of Counselling

If your child is feeling anxious and depressed consistently, even after you have tried many things. It is better to get the help of counselling.

Encourage Children

Encourage your child to do things they love, never restrict them. If they love to pursue acting, dancing, or singing then definitely encourage them, enrol them into classes. If your child loves sports activities allow them to take part as it is best in terms of physical exercise which inturn boosts emotional health.

Teachers in top CBSE schools in Pune often foster feelings of safety and security in children by interacting and developing positive relationships with them.

Talk to them

As parents, we talk about many things but we fail to talk and communicate about feelings and emotions. Share with them things, stories, incidences and connect with them often generally when you are alone with them and talk freely. Ask them and let them talk freely without interrupting.

Praise them often

We often forget to praise them. It is very important to regularly praise them for their efforts, achievements, and good work. Make them realise how beautifully they are managing things and dealing with difficult situations.


Parents often focus on key growth statistics such as their academics, weight, height, etc., but they often miss children’s emotional and mental well-being. Emotional well-being is just as important as physical fitness.

Emotionally healthy children become emotionally aware adults who know how to manage things and emotions. You can promote emotional health in your child by adopting given strategies and providing the right environment through Pune School Admission

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