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Indian Idol Winner List of All Seasons

Indian Idol is a well-recognized reality-based singing show that was first introduced as a singing competition in 2004. The show provides an explicit platform for dedicated singers from distinct parts of the country to come and exhibit their talent before the public of India and celebrity judges.

Although this show is significantly popular among the audience, have you ever wondered what it offers to the winning contestant? To be precise, the winner is awarded a car, a decent contract for a music album, and a significant amount of cash prize.

Starting from 2004, there have been twelve seasons of the Indian Idol show. However, two of them were designed for kids only. Here is the Indian Idol winner list from 2004 to 2020. We have also briefly introduced each winner of this remarkable show!

indian idol all season winner list


Indian Idol Season 1 Winner: Abhijeet Sawant 

Abhijeet Sawant tops the India Idol winner list as he was the first person to win this competition when it first started in 2004. He was born on October 7th, 1981, and is married to Shilpa Sawant. After winning this title, Sawant made a prominent name in the singing industry till 2008.

Between 2006 and 2011, Sawant took part in eleven songs. However, he also took a break from the music industry for almost a decade.

Indian Idol Season 2 Winner: Sandeep Acharya 

Sandeep was born on February 4th, 1984. He won the Indian Idol title on April 22nd, 2006. However, he could achieve anything extraordinary in the music sector. He died on December 13th, 2013, due to Jaundice.

Indian Idol Season 3 Winner: Prashant Tamang 

Tamang belonged to West Bengal, India and was born on January 4th, 1983. While discussing the Indian Idol all-season winner list, his name cannot be left unrecognized as he won the third season title in 2007.

Indian Idol Season 4 Winner: Sourabhee Debbarma 

Sourabhee was born in 1985. She was the Indian Idol fourth season titleholder that aired between 2008 and 2009. Fortunately for her, she effectively used her title as she is currently working with prominent labels. Regardless, not a lot of people are aware of her personal life.

Indian Idol Season 5 Winner: Sreerama Chandra Mynampati 

Chandra is indeed one of the famous singers from the Indian Idol winner list. He is well-recognized for winning the 2010 title. Therefore, this Telugu singer from Hyderabad has set his name firm in the music sector.

Indian Idol Season 6 Winner: Vipul Mehta 

Mehta was born in 1990; he won the 6th title of the Indian Idol show held in 2012. He also set his name prominent in the music sector with some promising releases, such as Vande Mataram and Rowaan Mein.

Indian Idol Season 7 Winner: Anjana Padmanabhan 

Anjana participated in the first season of Indian Idol Junior held in 2013 and won the well-known title of Indian Idol. However, she could not win the Airtel Super Singer 3 competition, in which she participated dedicatedly.

Indian Idol Season 8 Winner: Ananya Sritam Nanda 

Ananya belongs to Bhubaneshwar, Odisha and was born in 2002. She held the title of the Indian Idol Junior division regulated in 2015. She has evolved aspiringly in the music industry from an incredibly young age. That being said, she might make a fortune by the time she gets thirty.

Indian Idol Season 9 Winner: L.V Revanth 

Revanth Kumar Sharma was born on February 10th, 1990, in Andhra Pradesh. He won the title of the 9th season of Indian Idol and is an ideal example of a highly dedicated singer and rockstar. He has sung over 200 Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu songs so far.

Indian Idol Season 10 Winner: Salman Ali 

Salman Ali succeeded in the 10th season of the Indian Idol show. He continued to impress the judges and the audience throughout the show with his mind-blowing performances. Therefore, he won a cash prize worth 25 lacs after winning the title.

Indian Idol Season 11 Winner: Sunny Hindustani 

Sunny Hindustani held the title of the 11th season of the Indian Idol show. He won the trophy and a cash prize worth 25 lacs from the show that featured Himesh, Vishal, and Neha Kakkar.

Indian Idol Season 12 Winner: Pawandeep Rajan 

The 12th season of the Indian Idol show was won by Pawandeep Rajan in 2019-2020. Other competitors for this trophy included Arunita Kanjilal, Mohd Danish, Shamukha Priya, and Nihal Tauro.


Indian Idol is a notorious show that aims to recognize the potential of dedicated singers from all over the country. The Indian Idol all-season winner list has been mentioned in this article for your consideration.

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