White kitchen cabinet

Maria James

Why do White Shaker Cabinets Remain Timeless?

White kitchen cabinet

Interior design trends date quickly. But white shaker cabinets are one of the few staples, which have remained a classic feature in any home. When you think of a white kitchen, it is usually linked to a design that is timeless, classic, and functional. A recent survey has shown that white holds the top spot as the most preferred color. It happens to be the most popular cabinet finish.

White kitchen cabinet are preferred everywhere. In case you are wondering what is so great about white shaker style cabinets, keep reading. You will get to know why white cabinets will keep trending until the end of time.

  1. Spacious and Airy

With white shaker style cabinets comes two buzz-words that are spacious and airy. It is how our eyes perceive things. Using dark colors can make the space look enclosed and cramped. A lighter color will make your kitchen appear open. Even if you have a small kitchen, white cabinets will it feel larger. Homeowners with large and medium kitchens value the quality of white kitchens.

  1. Bright and Lit

Another characteristic associated with white cabinet ideas is that they are lighter and brighter. There is a scientific reason behind this. Light Reflectance Value measures how much light is reflected by a color. So, the higher is the LRV, the more will be the reflected light and more light will be available in the room. Black has an LRV of 0, while has an LRV of 100.

In case your kitchen has access to natural light, capitalize on the light that’s available by installing wholesale kitchen cabinets in white.

  1. Clean and Fresh

In reality, white cabinets aren’t cleaner or fresher than their dark contemporaries. However, the value is more about associations and illusions. Good hygiene and cleanliness are crucial kitchen attributes and it is difficult not to hide food stains, dirt, or mold on white surfaces. But once you clean it, white cabinets will give a fresh look to your kitchen.

Bright white cabinets kitchen ideas can be associated with a safe and clean place to have your meals without even the inkling of being affected by a disease.

  1. Easy to Deck Up

Choosing colors, styles, fixtures, and patterns isn’t all fun. You have to spend a lot of effort and time on this. The good thing about this is white discount kitchen cabinet goes with everything. Hence, if you choose them, it can take the pressure off you and will make your kitchen remodeling process simpler.

If you think that a white kitchen cabinet is going to appear too bland or stark, you couldn’t be more wrong. It will make your kitchen feel welcoming and homey. White cabinets have subtle accents of décor and color. They add warmth, dimension, and interest.

Ways to Modernize White Kitchen Cabinets

If you think white kitchen cabinets are standing out, you can easily modernize. Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Use Textures: Simply because you are choosing white kitchen cabinets, do not you have to go with the same materials. Stick to your color palette, like a white textured tile.
  2. Warm with Wood: A way to make sure that your white kitchen feels cozy and warm is to add soft timber. White cabinets go well with wooden stools or timber floors.
  3. Experiment with Metals: Many white kitchens use brass, black, and copper tapware rather than standard silver. Metal accessories, such as doorknobs, pendant lights, etc. are great ways to modernize a white kitchen cabinet.
  4. Go Modern: If you want a modern look for your kitchen, search for handless and sleek cabinets that have a ‘push to open’ style. However, they can also be paired with streamlined visuals and an open plan.

No matter the type of white kitchen cabinet you are installing, rest assured that the design isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.